What We Do

Our bank account isn’t big. Our hearts are and our willpower is. The ways we have contributed our time and raised funds are as follows:

  • Establishing “At-Cost” prescription drug relationships with local pharmacies to help jobless Vets with PTSD and other physical problems get their prescriptions filled. When they have proven the need, we have chipped in.
  • Provision of transportation and lodging to Veterans who have been out of work and are homeless but are starting new jobs.
  • Developing relationships with the local Veterans Center and larger Veteran-oriented organizations to provide quick response to legitimate needs that are outside the scope of the VA, Vet Center, or larger organizations ability to act.
  • Partnerships with local charities that are focused on providing housing to the homeless. We are busy building houses to go into a tiny homes village. The homes we work on and donate are for Veterans.
  • Donating Ten traditional holiday meals to Veterans and their families who are unemployed or greatly underemployed every Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • We all are always ready to chip in with labor and materials if there is a need to provide modifications to homes that are needed due to injuries served in the line of duty.
  • In between those things, we create relationships with individuals who are “too proud to get help” and convince them that their service EARNED them the right to be supported if they were physically or psychologically scarred as a result of their duties. Many times, all it takes is hearing it from another service member or former service member that has begun healing by asking for the help they earned.