Veterans United is a non-profit organization that was started by a bunch of military veterans, their families, and friends, from all branches and campaigns. The organization and its efforts were borne out of discussions had at the local pubs, the gun range, the gym, backyard fire pits, and the local cigar lounge.
We all felt some sense of frustration at the slow pace of the Veterans Administration, the increasing number of local homeless Veterans, the scandals surrounding some of the national Veteran and Wounded Veteran non-profits, and the fact that there were a growing number of young Vets that were coming home to a war-weary country filled with people that wanted to support them and their families when they had needs.
It became our mission to give form and life to an organization that would be a conduit for that support and serve as a group who could informally counsel fellow service members and former service members. We do all of this very quietly and without much fanfare or recognition, the same way as many of us served.
The board is unpaid. Our efforts are purely voluntary. One Hundred Percent of the money donated to us goes directly to our mission, “Supporting Veterans and Their Families”